Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sid the Science Kid

There's this cartoon on our local PBS. It's supposed to teach kids about science-y things. Let me just break down this cartoon for you:

Sid, the main character has 3 friends at a private/charter school where HE decides and tells the teacher what is going to be learned that day. Problem one.
His teacher, Suzie, has recently lost her job as a lounge singer and subjects her 4 students to her singing at least once a day.
Sid's mother drops him off and has symptoms of a UTI at this point everyday. You typically don't see her again the remainder of the episode. She apparently works 80 hour weeks to support her husband's plaid flannel and suspender needs.
His Grandmother, who is obviously special needs and legally blind (check out the glasses), drives him (who knows how she got a license) home everyday. Seems dangerous, right? It most likely is. What's dangerous is her psychotic laugh. I'm pretty sure she's possessed by hyenas.
His father and little brother are waiting for him at home and, as mentioned above, his dad hasn't discovered belts yet and is currently unemployed due to his alcoholism (you can see the visible symptoms such as the red nose and the yellowed skin from cirrhosis of the liver).

You may wonder why I'm giving this show a hard time. It's the only show my daughter refuses to sit through. Even she, a 3-year old, will watch it shaking her head with an eyebrow raised.

Oh, PBS.


Chantel said...

You always make me laugh SO hard!! I had no idea Sid's Dad had a drinking problem! Thanks for the laugh!

Amy Johnson said...

I hear ya! Simon refuses to watch it as well! And that dang song gets stuck in my head..."I'm looking for my friends....I'm looking for you....blah blah blah!"

susannah said...

Hahaha. I love your break down of the show. And I've wondered about a few of the same things, like why does Teacher Susie sing everyday, and honestly, her talking voice drives me nuts!

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Oh crap- that was funny! My kids watch that show, I'm not sure why. I've decided that the people with red hair are white and the people with purple hair are black. So, you'll notice that Sid came from a "white" dad and a "black" mom, which is why his hair is a random shade of fuschia. Weird.
Oh, and the voice of one of sid's "playground" friends makes me want to slit my wrists. You know the one, right??????

Brekke said...

At first I didn't understand the depth of your critique because I had avoided that show at all costs. Until today. Your analysis was dead on! It would almost be bearable if the Sid didn't constantly do that really bad impression of Patton Oswald. I hope today is our first and last day to see this show.

A Barr said...

That was hilarious! My 2 year old son LOVES the show and your review is spot on! I loved the "lounge singer" bit. :) Thanks! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

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