Sunday, June 26, 2011


Bradley joined a local acting company earlier this year. He loved the weekly practices, but he was not very excited about the idea of performing in front of people.

So I lied to him.

I told him that when the time came, if he didn't want to, he wouldn't have to - someone else could fill in for him. Luckily, he didn't call my bluff.

They were putting on a production of Beauty & the Beast. The set was awesome, the costumes were great, and they had live music. It was actually pretty impressive.

Bradley with Mimi L*. She played La Fou - Gaston's little sidekick

What was even more impressive is that I learned something about Bradley. He's much braver than I am. And, that kid can sing! I had no idea he could project like that and stay on pitch. He even carried a vibrato. Proud Mama.


Brian said...

I want video!!! Great job Bradley!

MIL said...

Is there any chance you have a video of Gaston? Watching and hearing him in person would be our first choice, but we'd sure like to see a video. We remember he was practicing for the part when we were there for Claire's birth. This is the beginning of an exciting adventure :-) Love, G & G Mick

Elizabeth & John said...

He looks so darn cute. And so mature in that costume. Way to go, Bradley!

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