Monday, March 03, 2008

Bradley's 6th


I'm writing just to be writing.

I keep getting tongue lashings from friends.

Bradley's birthday is today. As we've never thrown him an actual party before, we decided this might be the year.

What was I thinking?

His party is supposed to be at the park. I was having two blow-up toys brought in. Plus they could play on the jungle gyms as well. I would serve pizza and cake and be mom of the year.

Did I mention that it's 43 degrees outside with 25 mph wind. 6-year-olds are resilient, right?

I'm going to have to have it at my house, aren't I?

25 kids have rsvp'd yes. No one has rsvp'd no. I'm in serious trouble and really bad words are swimming through my head.


Emma said...

Good luck with the party. I think that's why my parents started the "You can invited as many friends as you are old" rule. Happy Birthday Bradley. Yikes that means David's isn't too far away.

Audra said...

You know that 40% rsvp rule you talked about with steven's birthday blog? Well, that rule doesn't apply to you. If you are throwing a party, everyone will be there. Because you guys are THE COOLEST! I'm not joking.

But seriously, how do you feel about your friend naming cows after us? He did say we are pretty and smart, but I don't know. What do you think?

Audra said...

Oh and happy birthday Bradley! We miss ya, buddy!

Hayley said...

Ouch, good luck with that! At least the bad words are only swimming through your head, for me they usually swim right out of my mouth, :)

Amy Johnson said...

Um....good luck to you! That's all I can say! :) Let us know how it goes!

Ashley said...

Good Luck!!

Valeri said...

Wow, 6 years! Happy Birthday, Bradley!

I remember the day of your baby shower vividly.. probably because it's the same day I went on my first date with my husband.

MIL said...

Bradley loved his birthday party. We know for sure 'cause we called to wish him a happy birthday. He told Grandpa Mick everything that happened. So sorry about the weather, but we know you handle all those situations with a touch of class! love you!

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