Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break

It's spring break this week for Bradley's school district and next week for Steven's work (his boss lives in the neighboring school district).

It's likely that it'll be a blog break as well.

See you soon.


G-ma and G-pa Mick are coming this weekend and we are too excited for words!


John said...

Uh, blog break is what you have been doing for the past month. There better not be a blog break or there is going to be a femur break in your leg. SNAP!

(you know, in your leg as opposed to your hand)

MIL said...

John, we promise to help support Mindy's blogging and even give her something fun or embarrassing to write about. I'm sure we're way more excited to be there than they are to have us! Lucky us!!!

John said...

Well Fluffy, you are nice to say that but we both know how miserable it is to spend time with them.

We should all get an award for babysitting that family for a weekend. Hopefully your visit won't be tooooooooo bad.

But thanks for helping Mindy Blog. Life is boring when she takes these fabricated breaks.

chris said...

Weak. Weak. Weak.

Brian said...

Why don't we all go to John's blog for some regular updates while we take a break from Mindy.

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