Monday, June 23, 2008

Emmy's 4th

Emmy's birthday made me realize that she truly is a middle child. First of all, it was a week ago (June 15th), and I'm only blogging about it now (June something or other, maybe July ... I haven't looked at a calendar all month).

Secondly, Bradley's birthdays have all been major events. We've had grilling parties, camp-outs, blow-up machines, etc. Even Olivia's first birthday was a more exciting. We had gone shopping weeks before, thought about the gifts and had friends visiting from Houston.

Poor, poor Emmy. The night before her birthday, we go to pick up a cake (a fact I'm proud to admit...I had actually ordered a cake - but wouldn't a loving mother make one from scratch instead?) The cake order had been lost, so we get a different for free (thank you, Target, for recognizing your mistake). Then we proceeded to walk up and down the toy isles asking her to fill the cart with what she wanted.


I feel extreme guilt.

Anyway, my mom had sent her gifts a month earlier, mostly because she's the psychotic opposite of a procrastinator (is there an antonym of procrastinate ... A-type personality, maybe?) So thank goodness we at least had that. Emmy would never have known the difference but I'm sure at 14 she'll be reading through some of my blogs labeled "Emmy" and demand therapy or a new car or something...

Here's some pics either way.

Emmy and her second-choice cake.

Here she is in her new tu-tu that Grandma sent. She's had it on so long I think it fused to her skin.
Next year will be way better, Em. I'm not talkin' MTV's Super Sweet 16 or anything, but it'll be awesome. Maybe a freaky clown or something.


tara said...

well, it looks like she's pleased. I'm so behind on blog entries. Don't feel bad (o:

Jodie Haney said...

She's adorable, and so are make me laugh.

Audra said...

Ya, she looks happy to me!

You've seen what we have done for Tanner (Tanner go stand by that happy birthday sign at Chuck E-Cheese). So you know I can relate!

John said...

"Mommie, why do Badley and Livia always have big birthday parties and I don't get anything?"

"Is it because you and Daddy don't love me?"

"What did I do wrong?"

"I didn't choose to be the middle child. Why do you treat me that way?"



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