Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm a Winner!

...not to be confused with weener.

In early December, my friend and I ran a booth at a local Baptist Church Bazaar. We sold handmade children's accessories. Besides having a blast and making a little money. I actually won a drawing!

It was this awesome basket full of Fall-themed decorations.

While you might be thinking 'Wow, that's pretty cool. I'd give just about anything to be Mindy!' You are thinking that, right? My other friend (who was running an entirely different booth with really yummy mint brownies - I'm starving, work with me) won a brand new Dell Laptop. It was quite the bazaar. Those Baptists know how to throw a party.

Can you tell I'm having to back-track my blogs? It's January. I'm bored and don't have anything else to blog about.

Ideas anyone?


Chris said...

Are you kidding me? I can barely think up ideas to satisfy the masses of my own blog audience. You're not getting any of mine. Right now I'm down to Alanis Morisette's improper use of the word irony or my greatest fear - having kids so ugly I can't love them.

Kristen Duke said...

I'd be happy to win anything, but the computer would be REALLY cool.

Mylie said...

Classic! I spent money there including on the raffle and didn't win a thing but hey it was school spirit and the last year I will be involved as Lysie graduates this year!

Anonymous said...

You are such a winner in our minds that we're just happy when you pull a winning ticket. Question about blogging subjects: How do you feel about the coach being charged with reckless homicide? What do you do if one of your children is having trouble with a bully or watching someone else being bullied at school? Who SHOULD be in the Super Bowl? Blogging vs Facebook which one to do if time is of the essence? lv, mil

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