Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I hate New Year's resolutions. I don't mind regular resolutions, but New Year's ones (is that correct grammar?) are lame. It's too formal. It's too much pressure. It's too easy to fail.

This is why my contest started on the 5th and not the 1st.

It's not too late to join.

The pot's well over $1000.


Emma said...

I'd join, but I'd lose. I've already lost the baby weight plus some :), and I'm not really motivated to start an exercise routine, this bland diet is bad enough! Have fun with your contest.

Heidi Kjar said...

Mindy I love your social experiment below- that is hilarious that you guys both wanted to do that! I love it.
It is sad that it took so long for someone to help- crazy really.

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