Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Week to Join

I still have people asking about the contest. This is the last week to join. If I haven't heard from you by the 31st of January, I'll know you don't want in on $1600!

Email me: mickmonkeys[at]gmail[dot]com

I really can't believe that it got this big! I'm quite pleased with myself -- except I'm afraid that even though I'm in the contest I'm still not going to get a piece of the $1600.

This is definitely going to be at least a yearly thing (though I liked the pre-holiday one I ran from July to October). Maybe it will have to be semi-annual.

And I think I'm going to take my own 10% off the top next time. It's been a surprising amount of work!


terica said...

I want in! Let me know what I need to do!

caroline said...

I can imagine that this is quite a bit of work!! Thanks for motivating us to get up and get busy- it is greatly appreciated! I hope you do make this a semi annual thing- I'm SO in on the next one!

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