Friday, May 15, 2009

Gramma L*

...technically it's Gramma R* (she remarried), but it started out as Gramma L* and I think - for me - it will always be that way.

My dear, maternal grandmother passed away early this morning. We all knew it was coming soon, and we were excited for her reunion with all her loved ones who left this earth before her. Mostly her husband, Elroy, who passed on in 1978, her 11 year old sister who died when Virginia was only 10 and her son Stephen, who only lived until he was 16 months old.

I've spoken of Virg before; like here and here. Above is her engagement picture. There were some unique traits about Gramma (I'm from Utah and we don't pronounce non-essential consonants) that are worth mentioning.

  • Your lawn should be mowed in a diagonal pattern.
  • She was obsessed with the OJ trial and still believes that the verdict was right.
  • People should try their hardest to fall in love with someone who is rich.
  • And getting said person to fall in love with you is based 98% on how you present yourself: grooming, style, etc.
  • Only use ice cold water on your flower beds.
  • The gospel is important.
  • Teal green and turquoise (and all shades in between) was most certainly her favorite color.
  • The best way to wash windows is with a raw potato and crumpled newspaper.
  • Fashion and interior design is an essential part of life.
  • A glass of orange juice and an oatmeal raisin cookie will make anyone feel welcome.
  • Plant a garden.
  • She'd always say, "Let me look at ya," and then she'd make you slowly spin in front of her. Even if you were 27 years old.
  • Polish your silver regularly. Why in the world have silver if it's not polished?
  • It is okay to decorate you house for Christmas in October (and having multiple trees with different themes and color combinations is crucial)
  • Do you family history (her personal history has been published in a hard bound book and is 900 pages long - it too is turquoise).
  • Eating dandelion greens is [somehow] good for you.
  • and so many more things...
She took me to New York City when I was 15 years old. It was so exciting. We were there during Christmas and New Years and we did all the touristy things; we saw a Broadway show, Radio City Music Hall, Time Square, Rockefeller Plaza and we were kicked out of a St. John store for taking pictures of their decoration ideas - you know, the usual stuff everyone does in New York.

I wish we could have gone to lunch one more time. Or better yet, I would love to hear her laugh again. She had this high-pitched chuckle and if you were the one to make her laugh, her nose would crinkle up and she'd wave her hand at you as if to shew you away.

She had beautiful hands.

She had exquisite taste.

She couldn't hold a grudge against anyone for anything.

She gave me my mama.

I love you, Gramma and I'll do my best to make you proud.
Give Grampa a hug from me. We never had the chance.


Shanna said...

I'm sorry. Grandma's are the best.
I was wondering, is she the grandma that wouldn't let us sit on her lawn while we waited for your mom to bring me an extra set of keys to my car?

Mindy said...

That's so funny. That was going to be one of the bullets!

It would have totally ruined the diagonal pattern had we smashed it, duh.

Brian said...

I'm glad I was able to meet her. If I remember correctly, the inside of her house was like the Logan Temple...

We love you!

ps...If I'm recalling the wrong grandmother, I'm going to step in front of the train that runs behind out house...

Amy Johnson said...

What a beautiful post! I didn't even know your grandma (actually, I think she did visit you once or twice at Sam Goody, maybe?) but she sounds like someone I would have liked to know! I hope your doing ok. I struggled pretty bad when my grandpa died! Good luck and enjoy her memory!

. said...

That is the sweetest tribute I've ever read. I don't even know her but I cried thinking about her hugging your grandpa. You're lucky to have her in your life!


Anonymous said...

Brian is right about your grandma's home being like the temple. It was my mom who first said that way back when she went to your shower. Your memories are so sweet and clear and all of us can tell how much you meant to her. Any grandmother would feel more than loved if her grandchildren felt the way you do.... Love you! mil

Kerianne said...

That was a great tribute Mindy. I couldn't have said it better myself. You described her perfectly.

My kids still have the animal cracker boxes from the cookies she gave them two weeks ago. She was lying in bed but she wanted to make sure the kids got their animal crackers.

Tim and Clarissa said...

That was so nice Mindy and I agree with everything! "Bless your heart" for writing this tribute to grandma!


Katie Evans Photography said...

what a sweet gramma. (Being from ID, I don't pronounce non-essential consonants either.)

I love your tribute. You know, I've heard of washing your windows with a potato and newspaper as well. There must be something to it...

Valerie C. said...

I remember waiting on the driveway in our wet swimsuits because we weren't allowed to sit on the grass. (good memory Shanna) I am thinking of you!

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Dear Brian......Yes, Gramma Virg's living room does look exactly like the celestial room.......wierd......
Mindy- wish you could have been at the funeral. It was perfect. Marie said some seriously funny things about Gramma (& even two things she got from your list), and the stake president even admitted he was sometimes frightened of her. It was priceless. Loved your tribute.

Tara said...

Your grandma sounds so hilarious! I'm sorry to hear that she's died. It's hard to bear no matter how old they are.

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