Friday, April 20, 2007

Big Eyes, Small Budget

In my open-toed season entry, I mentioned my grandmother who is "in the know" when it comes to fashion. That was her livelihood. Actually, it's how she made money. She was a professor of clothing construction and began the interior design department at Utah State University. She taught fashion design and fashion merchandising and would get her students jobs as buyers (DREAM JOB!). I still have one of her text books proudly on display in my home.
Thanks to her high maintenance taste, I've come to appreciate some of the finer things in life...though I cannot afford them. I remember perusing her closet and admiring Gucci shoes she picked up somewhere in Europe that she later gave to me. I've realized recently that I can spot a St. John suit and a pair of Ferragamo shoes from about a mile away. That is my grandmother's trademark outfit. Her closet is absolutely jaw-dropping. It's too bad that it's only now that I appreciate it.
I'm here to admit I get the Saks catalogue and I love looking through something that I know I'll never own. Is that weird? If only she knew I shopped at Target and the Gap.
Here's to you, Virginia, and many more Neiman Marcus orders.


tara said...

My mom was a "clothing & textiles" major at Ricks college back in the day... she didn't graduate with her degree in it, but I think her dream is to be a buyer for Nord's or someone like them (For now she just spends hours-she literally can- perusing ROSS (o:

Audra said...

I use to think, "some day". But now I don't think there even is a some day for these expensive clothes and shoes for me! I don't think I will ever be able to buy such high end stuff. But I don't think there is any problem at all enjoying it through catalogs. We can enjoy things without making them our own, right?

Jodie Haney said...

you are one the coolest women I know...whatever you wear, you are stylish.

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