Thursday, April 26, 2007

Weekend Visit

Here are some of the high lights from this past weekend. Chris and Jenny came out to visit us. We had some important "to-do" items on our list. Sadly, our #1 item of business was to finish the 3rd season of Arrested Development. We began watching the seasons about a month ago and watched most of the series with Chris and Jenny and only finished 1 of 2 discs of the last season before we moved away. Sidenote: not always the most appropriate show, but man, it's soooo well written.
After that was taken care of, we did normal things.
When Steven and I go on vacation, it's all about the food. So most of their trip was based around some great restaurants and unique activities here in the area.
Saturday morning we headed out to Lake T* to eat at a great restaurant with about 40+ different deck/patios with a great view of the lake.
We then decided to go kayaking next to B* Springs. Steven and I decided to rent a canoe instead of a kayak based on our monkeys. They had never been kayaking with us before and we weren't sure how they would do on a "boat without any sides". Let's just say our canoe had one end sticking further out of the water than the other. I was feeling a little like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. Okay, not really. But you have a pretty funny picture in your head, don't you? Speaking of funny picture, Steven got a little excited when he sprayed his face with some new sun screen I had just purchased.

We went to Mt. B*, ironically named a mount, but you only have to climb about 100 steps to make it to the top. Pretty funny to a girl who comes from the Rocky Mountains. There we took in the great views and coveted the multi-million dollar homes along the lake with their private decks and boat houses.

Here's one of the views:

Bradley SUPER excited about going kayaking.
That night, we took them to the oh-so famous restaurant: The S*L*. Here's your pic of me 8 1/2 months pregnant....and in horizontal stripes no less.
Later that evening, we went to see the bats. You can't come to this city and not see this phenomenal performance. All within about 20 minutes, 1.5 million bats come flying out from underneath a single bridge. Because it was still rather cool, they didn't come out until it was a little darker, so none of the pics turned out. Maybe next time.
All in all, we had loads of fun! Even though Ste had to speak in Sacrament Meeting the next day - but you did a great job despite us making very irreverent faces at you during the beginning of the meeting.

Now onto this weekend. We're going camping and fishing. Yep, you read it right. This weekend we're going camping with our church. However, I'm wimping out and driving home to sleep on my comfy bed and returning to the group in the morning for yummy camping breakfast.

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