Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm here to report on our Easter weekend.
Thanks to John, Eli and John's parents Frank & Harriet, we spent a weekend near B/CS* at a their ranch trying to contain ourselves in the wide open spaces. One thing we didn't count on was the weather - rainy and cold - nor did we count on Steven coming down with a terrible case of the flu (maybe someone won't scoff at a seasonal flu shot next year, eh?). By Saturday afternoon, Steven was knocking on Death's door.
We were there mostly to see our great friends, but we did manage to see the most adorable calves ever. I'm a Utah girl. I grew up in Cache Valley where cheese factories thrived. Cows were commonplace and never once did I consider them cute.

But come on....they are so sweet and innocent! And some were only 2 weeks old.

Bradley & Emmy "helping" Uncle John start a fire.
John, why do you look like someone I don't want to meet in a dark alley?

Emmy with hail in her hair. So much for warm spring-time weather or starting a fire.
So, because Steven was near death, we didn't attend church Sunday (I didn't want to go to some random church alone with the kids). So Easter wasn't celebrated how it should be. However the lesser important, worldly, and much more secular-pleasing celebrations did take place. The Easter egg hunt went off without a hitch and we all got intoxicated with plenty of chocolate and sugar. And what more could my children ask for?
Oh, and, stupid Mommy forgot her camera. Thanks to Elizabeth for all the photos seen here. You're a lifesaver!


John said...

Why, because I am fat? Great, now my self-esteem is shot for this weekend. Thanks Mindy.

Emma said...

I hope Steven is feeling better now. Thanks for the pictures Eli! Glad you had a fun Easter.

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