Friday, July 24, 2009


Emmy's been puking for the past two days.
Olivia has some minor form of conjunctivitis.
Thus, Bradley and I are stuck at home.

Until he abandoned me to go to his friends' house.

I'm bored.

Even though I have a book to read for book club, a bedroom to organize and a house to disinfect with Clorox Wipes and Lysol. Plus, I'm sure there's a pile of laundry somewhere that needs to be put away.

Please tell me at least you're out having fun, you know, grocery shopping or going to the cleaners. What's it like to have such a glamorous life?


Todd said...

i'm reading your blog! what could be more exciting!! wooohoooo!!!

Valerie C. said...

We did do the Pioneer day parade in North Logan on Friday. Today we are cleaning up the big mess that comes from a week of scout camp! Hurray!

Anonymous said...

We were driving through the Nevada desert visiting with our favorite sage brush friends. Now, that's fun! We know each one on an intimate basis :-) lv, mil

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