Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Unecessary Explanation

Sometimes when I'm at the checkout and all of my treasures are slowly moving along that conveyor belt, I sometimes glance at the check-out chick to see if she's judging me.

A raised eyebrow.

A smirk.

A tilted head.

A frownsmile.

Nothing. I've never once had any of these judging face/body languages from the person behind the register, even though I probably should have. Because I know if I were checking someone out, I'd be like, "Really? You're going to buy that Tropicana crap when the frozen concentrate is half the price? Psh."

As I my own eyes search over my purchases, I feel like I need to explain why I'm buying strawberries and carrots and still feeding my kids Lucky Charms. And why I'm buying diet soda and yet I'm getting ice cream and chocolate candy. Or why I'm buying a block of cheddar cheese as well as the pre-grated cheddar cheese. Really? Am I that lazy? I just know they're thinking these things.

I will admit that a few years ago when I was frantically buying a pregnancy test and a snickers bar, the girl said, well, she sort of asked it: "Good luck."?

I just tilted my head at her and frownsmiled.


John said...

This one is funny. I could understand the whole blog and punch line was perfectly timed and placed. Excellent job! (Not necessarily the norm for you).

In other new, don't worry that the checkout lady doesn't judge because as you know, your "friends" do.


Heidi Kjar said...

Mindy you are the best writer. You are so talented. Your posts should be published. I really got a good laugh out of this one, I always have the same thoughts you wrote, but hadn't ever thought about it until now. Ha ha thanks for the laugh:)

Randi said...

Ummm "Diet" coke is the REASON I can eat ice cream...

isn't that how it works?

Candy H said...

I loved your word frownsmile and had to click on link to see what you had perfect pictures.
Have a good day.

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