Saturday, June 27, 2009

Am I Invited or Inviting?

We are merely days (18, or something) away from HP6 and I haven't heard anything about anything.

Why are there not:

Parties being planned?
Dinners being hosted?
Premier tickets being sold to me?

Come on, people. Am I going to have to organize this?


Who wants to come?

I'll need to know numbers if I have to rent out an entire theater before the 15th.
Is it weird that I want to be her?


Candy H said...

If you pick a Houston Theater we will be there, Ha!

Emma said...

Me! Me! I want to come. Are you including airfare? It's not likely I will even get to see it for a few months, unless there's a showing that fits Amy's nursing schedule ;)

Ashley said...

I want to come! Can we do it in Denver?

Shelley said...

So in...let's get it going!

Truman Jensen said...

you doing IMAX, drafthouse or Cinemark?

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