Tuesday, June 02, 2009

San Diego

Was ever so relaxing.

Steven had his annual PA conference in San Diego (it's a new city every year). And since his company pays for him to go, we decided to make a vacation out of it and trick his parents into watching the kids.

It worked like a charm. (We're so sneaky!)

Steven and I had never been to San Diego together. So, besides making time for his classes, we made time for other stuffs, too.

Such as:
We made it to this place the night we got in. The first time for both of us to be inside this amazing building. Though this picture makes it look like it belongs on the set of Dark Crystal. Not that I know what that movie is.

Did a little surfing. Well, he did. I tried and failed once a long time ago.
Not ready for that again.
Maybe after I train for that triathlon I'm doing never.

We got to hang out with cool people like this.

I had to save Eli from a rabid parrot.

Us on one of the balconies at the conference center in the gas lamp district.

We made time to attend an ever-so important Padres vs Cubs game.

Hotel del Coronado

Our hotel had these awesome fire pits our on the pool deck.

We had breakfast right on the shore.

I pretended like I missed work and all of my piano students.
(It's a treble clef for you music illiterate)

And for kicks, we wrastled a giant squid for Bradley. It won.

So here's a shout out to Dwight & Ruth for making this happen.
You guys rock more than you know!


Emma said...

Sounds like a fabulous vacation! Mindy you look amazing!

Jones Family said...

What a fun trip! I'm so jealous I can hardly write a comment. Hopefully someday we will be able to vacation together. We miss you guys!

The Lambs said...

You punks! Do you know we live 45 minutes from where you were?! We would have loved seeing you, but I guess we're forgotten in your minds. ;) Just joshing- the Hotel Del is my favorite place in So Cal. And without kiddos you actually have time to attempt being romantic- how fun! But remember next time you're in Disneyland/San Diego/LA!

Annie said...

Hey Ste and Mindy, looks like a blast! Wish we could have attended the PA conference! Mindy you are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

We take this as the highest of compliments and are looking forward to next year's conference :-) lv mil

Ashley said...

It was fun to see you guys in San Diego! Sorry I couldn't stay to visit longer - such is the life when you bring the kiddos along. Mindy you look like a major babe! Hopefully we will be going to Atlanta for the conference next year - we should all get together!

Katie Evans Photography said...

What a FUN trip! Mindy, you look stunning, as usual. I'm lovin' that yellow bag!

John said...

Is that "Ashley" of Kyle and Ashley?

Why didn't you tell the story of being electrocuted and the resulting hairdo prior to the firepit picture night?

Kristen said...

I'm with Katie. Love Love Love the yellow bag. It by far is the most beautiful of scenery in all of your trippy pictures. I feel bad for Ste since no one commented on how hot he looked so here it goes... "Man, who's the hunk with the board? What a hottie." (Don't be weirded out that I'm your sister in law and seriously Mindy---you are beautiful.)

Natalie* said...

oh mindy - i am SO jealous...a vacation alone with your love sans enfants?! what would i give!! SO looking forward to those great continuing education seminars - literally can't wait.

Audra said...

You're hot.

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