Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Angela's Local Event

Isn't she beautiful (especially next to that freak
with the fake red hair impersonating Victoria)?

Angela is teaching yoga Monday and Thursday mornings at the M* Ranch Community Pool.

It's at 6 am.

You can pay her whatever you think she's worth (like a million bucks).

It's at 6 am.

I've taken her class. She's amazing.

Oh ya, it's at 6 am.

I can't afford a million bucks, so I'm bringing the change I find in my couch.

Did I mention it's at 6 [IN THE freaking MORNING!] am?

Well it is at 6. And I'll see you there (like in two days - mkay?).

Sorry to those who aren't local and can't take part
in such an amazing - though early - event.


Randi said...

Is that the M$%%$#*D R$%^H Pool house...cause that's pretty sweet! I may just have to roll my sorry butt over there and go back to sleep on my yogi mat.......

Heidi Kjar said...

Mindy your trip to San Diego looks so fun! I have been to that hotel, when we went on a family trip growing up, my dad took us there. We of course stayed in the junky motel 6 (or whatever it was called) down the street, but he brought us there to show us how cool it was and to the beach that is by there! You look so cute in your pics and you guys are such a cute couple! Looks like the trip was fun....as for the yoga class, i wouldn't be caught dead there, NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!

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