Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cheer Camp

I teach a cheer camp every summer to little girls for an entire week.

Times 3.

While I won't admit to you whether or not I was a rah-rah ('cause most of you already know), I will say it's all the more hilarious to see 4-6 year olds being rah-rahs. (In case you didn't know, rah-rah - a.k.a cheerleader - was dubbed after the ever-famous: rah, rah, sis, boom, bah).

They discuss who has the best outfit (though they explain their best ones are usually at home for some reason). They discuss what moves they can do. Then they show me. Awesome. They tell me stories about their family - that I'm pretty sure their family wouldn't want told. Awesomer.

Did I mention:

I teach them in a squash court? Which echos like you wouldn't believe.

And rah-rahs YELL. A. LOT?

And 4-6 year olds have REALLY high-pitched yells?

And I can't hear anything except an obnoxious ringing?

They're really good at wearing me out. I'm ready for be at 7 every night. They're are 8 or 9 signed up for the class but only 5 have been showing up.

God's watching out for me.

Why won't anyone answer that phone?


Ashley said...

wow! you are a brave lady!!

The Boob Nazi said...

Where do you do this cheer camp? I kind of miss coaching. I did it from 1999 to 2007ish. I miss my girls! And I miss being mean and "yelling" at them. Mostly I just miss knowing I'm awesome at something and helping others become as awesome as I am.

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