Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drip Drip Drop

About six months ago there was a rumor that LDS church officials were going to implement an elbow bump greeting rather than a traditional handshake to aid in the hindrance of disease spreading.

Really? The elbow bump? I can only imagine the elderly doing this. Luckily it was only a rumor.

Again, REALLY? If we think handshaking is a problem, we need to look elsewhere. Like many other churches, the Sacrament is offered to us every week. And I believe we've come a long way from sharing a communal cup...

until Olivia started partaking.

Now, my kids are relatively healthy, but that doesn't keep me from being super grossed out when she insists on discarding her cup. The problem is that there is always a drop (or 3) left in the cup and when she puts the cup back, it always manages to tip and pour into another cup along the way.

All I can say is "ew" (not to mention my apologies to whoever sat behind us).

Don't worry, I now discard her cups for her. I just don't know about the snot-nosed kid two rows up from me.

When your ward has chronic swine flu, you'll know why.


Valerie C. said...

I try not to think about things like that (cuz I think every kid does it! Yuck!) Actually, my Bishop really does the elbow bump! That's what we got at tithing settlement!

Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

I don't know how, but up until this point in my life (and entire 29 years), I had never really thought about this that much...UNITL NOW. And we sit toward the back... Thanks a lot Mindy, thanks a lot.

Suzette said...

I have a hard time taking the sacrement now ever since I saw a little girl sneeze into the water cups. So badly that when it was passed to me I saw floaters. Or the kid 3 rows up who had his hands down his diaper and then grabbed a fist full of bread put it in his mouth the Mom took it out and then passed it along. If I'm not one of the 1st I can't take it. I know that's bad but YUCK!!!

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Hi Mindy!
Kristen told me about Matt's sacrament tray idea at the Christmas party on Sunday. I think its genius. If you don't mind, I think I'll just go ahead & steal this entire blog post to help spread the word.

wuogkat said...

Okay, I caught this entry on accident and I have to laugh, because I am a terrible person. One Sunday, one of my boys happened to do this exact same thing and I pointed to the cup to get my other kid to take it because I'd already taken the sacrament by the time the spillage happened. My reasoning being that at least they already drink after each other. So, there ya go, feel better? ;-)

Anonymous said...

If my kid does that, I dump the cup she spilled in. Problem solved.

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