Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Piano Recital

The piano recital was a hit. I'm surprised we crammed so many people into our living room and up the stairs. We never did a head count, but I'm pretty sure there was over 60 people in attendance. There are two more rows not seen.

Growing up, my piano teacher never played at the end of our recitals. I was unaware of the normal tradition until our last recital it was requested of me to play. This time I was prepared until Steven told the students that they could hover around me since I'm always hovering over their shoulders.

Even as I made the program, I didn't realize how many students I have. I'm blessed to have such wonderful people come into my home every week.

Kind of makes me choke up when I see all of them.

L to R: Jen D*, Diana N*, Michelle H*, Spencer H*, Sadey N*, Jesse N*, Mairzey N*, Ben M*, Nikka D*, Luke D*, Brody N*, Joseph D*, Bradley M*, Steven M*, Ethan S*, Emily S*, Madison H*, Madelyn N*, Lupita B*, Emma C*, Alison T* (not pictured: Emmy M* - who had retired upstairs to her room and fallen asleep in her dress).


Shelley said...

Thanks for your time in teaching my 4 kids. Love you to death.

Anonymous said...

Know you are so happy to be doing this in your own home. What a happy and beautiful crowd. Lucky, lucky group to have you as their leader. Love you! MIL

John said...

Awwwww . . . . special moments.


Kristen said...

Seriously makes me cry. I am so proud of you for doing that. I wish I could. Way to go. That is so cool. Just out of curiousity...what did you play for the final number and better yet...was it memorized?

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