Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, ReOxygenate

Bradley's been learning about recycling and other nuances of enviromental issues. The other night he came downstairs just after bedtime and told us he couldn't sleep because he was worried.

Bradley: Mom I can't sleep.
Me: Why? Have you been having nightmares?
Bradley: No. I'm worried about deforestation. (EXACT QUOTE)

I did not realize he even knew this word let alone the meaning of it.

Me: Why are you worried about it?
Bradley (with a trembling voice): I'm afraid that if all the trees get cut down we won't have any oxygen left and we'll all suffocate.

There was some explaining done and promises made; like we'll cut back on our use of plastics and paper and begin investing in oxygen tanks if he'll go back to bed.

What would you tell your 7-year old?


Lindy said...

There have actually been more trees planted in the recent future than cut down. Did he watch "The Story of Stuff" in school? It has been popular in schools and is full of false facts. There is a follow up video that I can hook you up with if you are interested.

One thing they don't talk about in school ... Heavenly Father knows what is going on and it is not in the scriptures that we are going to loose all our trees and suffocate. So we should care for our resources without going to extremes.

(PS Bradley, I bet the prophet would come out and tell us if we were in imminent danger, so I bet we'll be ok for a while.)

dana said...

Funny, I remember as a child when gas prices soared, having a pit in my stomach, wondering what was going to happen. Would we have to stop driving cars? Was the world coming to an end? Were my parents going to run out of money trying to pay for it? I honestly worried over it. Poor kids. Who should stress over that stuff when you're 7??

John said...

I would tell them that Mom and Dad have been feeling a little lite headed and that he shouldn't take as many deep breaths.

The geek acorn does not fall far from the geek tree.

love that Bradley!

And Happy New Year to you!

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