Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Oh how I've missed my blog. It's so therapeutic! Graduation was so much fun and a great experience. Jon and Domie were able to visit from SF* for a grand ol' time. There was lots of sightseeing and even more eating! (Ummm, I need to do something about that extra 3 lbs.)
Speaking of which, my little - or not so little - tummy seemed to have popped out this weekend. I noticed Friday night at the commencement ceremony that my skirt fit, just not nearly as well as before. By Sunday, my blouse wasn't enjoying its time buttoned up. Those poor threads were hanging on for dear life. I guess I just have to accept it at some point during my pregnancy. The only problem is that it's still way too early for maternity clothes, so I'll either look like a vagabond in roomy warm-ups/pj's or red in the face with eyes popping out because I'm sucking it in.
Here is Steven walking across the stage. My camera wasn't able to get it's flash clear across the room so you could see him really well. If I turned off the flash, it was miserably blurry. Earlier in the day, Baylor held an awards ceremony for the Allied Health Program. This includes his Physician Assistant class as well as the Nurse Anesthetist class. Steven was one of 1/2 dozen students to receive an award for maintaing honors grades throughout his 1 1/2 years of rotations. Way to go, Babe! We were all (yes, including Steven) very proud of him. We had no idea he was going to receive it. Besides, he'd never tell anyone, so this is my chance to brag about him.

As most graduations go, this one was slightly too dry for my kid's taste. Apparently there wasn't enough animation or candy involved. They decided to take a quick snooze on my lap. Besides that they were surprisingly well-behaved for a 7pm commencement.

Here's a picture of our little celebrating group. Though lots of our family was unable to make it, they've been super supportive in many other ways. Thanks Jon and Domie for a wonderful time in H-town.


Lori said...

Congratulation! I can't believe you guys are done in H*town. That is so awesome! Way to go Steven. Keep us updated about jobs and your pregnancy!

Natalie* said...

congratulations you guys - doesn't it feel great?!

tara said...

Mindy, your kids are so cute, but that is no surprise since you are a beautiful couple (o: Your hair looks beautiful too... it's gotten so long. Congrats on being finished with grad school! All good things must come to an end... and a new beginning!

Melissa said...

I'm soooo jealous! Congratulations!

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