Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Name Nonsense

Now that we've decided that we aren't finding out the gender, the name issue has reared its ugly head. We have weekly familly discussions involving everyone's opinion on naming the baby. Before I go any further, as much as I would love to share my name ideas, I just don't have the stomach to. Responses to name ideas are never good (especially from my mother - sorry Ma, it's true). Here are some of my favorite responses from people:

  • Oh, I had a dog named that once...
  • Man! I was going to use that name. Great! Thanks alot!
  • The "smelly kid" in my 5th grade class was named that.
  • Wo, never heard that one. So, uh, how would you spell it?
  • Isn't that's a boy's name?
So don't bother asking us what we are thinking of. I won't break. If you want to know more about what and why we named our other kids, see my entry November 2nd. Maybe from that you can guess, but until that fateful day in May, you will await yet another surprise from the Mick Monkeys.


tara said...

We have the same problem (o: And any time we discuss it, dh just wants to be funny about it... I, 1/2 jokingly, 1/2 serious suggested Leisel, just b/c I thought it was pretty, but it's too 'sound of music-ish' and he has mocked it ever sense... so I won't even say names I'm serious about, but come Feb 23rd we'll have to have something figured out!

Natalie* said...

ah yes, just pack two seperate gallon ziplocks - one with pink things and one blue - with the chosen corresponding names - you are gonna love it - hold firm!!

Audra said...

OK, no asking from me. What is your due date? Cinco de Mayo baby for you too? It's great fun!

Jessi said...

Hold strong! I agree that some people say the silliest things when discussing potential baby names. Of course, sometimes the feedback can save the child a lifetime of misery. One of my friends recently wanted to name her son Aniken (aka Darth Vader). I'm glad she gave me the opportunity to weigh in on that one. :)

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