Friday, December 15, 2006

Travel Plans

We've made our big decision on our Christmas plans. We've decided to postpone our trip to Utah until further notice. I now realize that I'm so relieved to have finally decided. I felt like everyone was waiting around to see what we were doing and when we were doing it. Though most are leaving elsewhere to visit their own family, we're happy to have a few select sticking it out here in H* with us.
Everything is just too up-in-the-air right now. I can't bear the thought of making that drive twice within a month. And getting tickets right now is ridiculously expensive. So I'm very happy to be staying. I know I'll see my family soon enough.

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Natalie* said...

right on - Texas Christmas for us, too - we loved it last year - a bit too warm currently, wouldn't you agree?

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