Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I know I have a recipe blog and all, but it's not like I'm making nightly homemade gourmet meals, or nightly homemade meals, ... or any sort of meal for that matter. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. This is why I have a stocked freezer. Or on those really bad nights, I have a nearby restaurant. In fact, Bradley's weekly gymnastics lesson has given us a reason (or rationalization) to eat out every Tuesday night, not to mention the other occasions during the week that merit (in my mind) a trip to a restaurant. You know, like the occasional date night, or getting lunch in the middle of those long days running countless errands, or like when I have a bad hair day (which is lots, lately).

Well, since my little Olivia has been eating solids lately, it's been reminding me of all the parenting books and pediatricians that tell parents that when their children begin to eat solids - that once they learn to gum food down - they should be eating table food. Specifically, whatever the family eats we should cut it up or blend it up so my monkey can eat it.


Let's say, for time's sake, that we didn't eat out. I'm not sure if giving my baby frozen pizza and corndogs is the best idea. Whoever is telling me to "just feed your baby from the table" should take a glimpse at what we eat. Emmy's eating habits are so screwed up that I've vowed to do things differently with Liv.

Luckily people like me have Gerber. And lucky for me Olivia gobbles up every last drop of anything I've given her. I don't have a good messy-face picture of her, yet, so here's a delicious one of Emmy to hold you over until I do.

Once upon a time she ate green foods.


Emma said...

I know what you mean. Wednesdays David had an art class and we don't get home until 5:40, so that's my slow cooker days, if I think of it in time;)
I feel like I don't contribute to my recipe blog quite as often as I thought I would. But half the time we are eating leftovers, or making mac and cheese (or the equivalent), because it's just me and the boys.

Brekke said...

I've been having the same dilema. Should I really be giving Audrey fries and a frosty from Wendy's? Have you ever used a food mill? I'm wondering if they are worth a shot. Until then I am still investing in Gerber.

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