Monday, November 12, 2007

Sink Stink

I have this problem. It's been going on for a while now. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step. Right?

My sink stinks.

Something is alive in my sink. It smells a little like musty dirt. I know, not the most terrible smell, but it's not what I want my kitchen to smell like. It's living somewhere in my garbage disposal. It may have relocated from my dishwasher. I don't know, maybe it's commuting, but I need help to destroy it. Remember, this is doing a lot to my self esteem as a homemaker to seek out advice like this.
So I ask you: any ideas for stinky sinks?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Please think before you insult me by offering ideas like vinegar, lemon peels and Clorox bleach products. I'm not quite that incapable (almost, not quite). I need some secret, underground, black market, chemical that your Uncle Sal sells in Jersey to oil rigs in the Gulf. Maybe someone has a brother in college who's majoring in Chemistry who can hook me up with his latest project. Better yet, hook me up with the brother that was kicked out of school for his latest project.

I'm getting weary of wasting money on cleaning products or worse, candles that just mask the odor. Somebody, please HELP!


John said...

You don't need a product. You have to run your disposal (for longer than you think) with running water whenever there is food in it. Your general, run of the mill cleaning product, down the drain every once in a while is all you need.

Imagine YOUR children's (and I am emphasizing YOUR) "special" diapers sitting on the back porch in the hot Texas sun in August. You are asking for a "magic" spray to get rid of that when all you need to do is throw the diaper away. Same thing.


captain obvious, but not so obvious to some


Tara said...

Maybe sewage gas is leaking...that happened to our bathroom sink because something was wrong with the drain. Anyway, we have to replace something in the piping and stuff, I don't know for sure, this is KC's area, but if you want to know more, email me.

Brekke said...

My sink has the same problem. It seems to be worse after the dishwasher runs, so that could be the culprit. I too have tried the vinegar with no success, at least not long lasting. I even tried these scented fizzy things from Pamperd Chef, but they weren't really a solution either. Let me know if you get any good ideas.

Leslie said...

you might just need a new disposal. it's possible that the parts are corroded or something. we've had to replace ours. you can do it in an afternoon. if it's older than 5-6 years, that might be it. they don't last forever.

Brian said...

I'd bet Steven had some sort of protein product and the smell isn't coming form your sink at all.

Check Steven's "sink". The chemical you need is called "simethicone" aka, "Gas-ex". One or two pills, a little water, and a nap and your stinky sink problems will float away.

You've been married to Steven for this long and you didn't suspect the obvious? Didn't you ever drive with him in the maroon Honda? It was like being swallowed by and trapped inside a dying cow corpse in the hot Texas sun at high noon on the most humid day after the cow ate a huge plate of nachos and chocolate milk and tater-tots.

Stinky sink? C'mon. Wise up, sister.

tara said...

This sounds crazy, but jam your disposal full of ice and then run the hot water while grinding it up. It'll make your whole counter shimmy n' shake, but it cleans out the disposal real good.

I have this problem on the other side of the sink so we might have goin' on what Tara B. did.

Mindy said...

Sewage leak? Are you kidding me? I need to move.

Thanks to a phone call from a friend. I may have found a solution.

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