Friday, November 09, 2007

Makeshift Bedside Table

Steven and I have never bought any furniture for our room save our mattress. The desk that is in our room was free (though it wouldn't even be in our room if we had a den/extra room), and the cedar chest in there was a gift when I graduated from high school.

Our room is ridiculously big. So the three pieces of furniture are up against three of the four walls to fill a little of the space. We have nothing next to the bed to be a "bedside table". So to accommodate, I sometimes put things in my pillowcase. I have a miniature alarm clock (it's about the size of a credit card) that is usually in there. Occasionally there's a small piece of paper and pen for those lying in bed "to-do" items that come to mind or those middle-of-the-night millionaire ideas (somehow they must not get written down). But last week I had a cough and runny nose; there was a couple of cough drops in there along with some clean tissues. I realize this is sounding weird. Just go with me on this.

Anyhoo, Emmy and Bradley were so kindly waking me up one morning and as I got out of bed, Bradley picked up my pillow to begin a pillow fight. Out flew a bunch of random things. His eyes got wide, Emmy looked excited, and they both eagerly asked, "What else is in there?!" While Steven was wondering, 'how do you sleep on all that stuff?'

Now they periodically check my pillow case for candy (that's what they thought the cough drops were) little surprises, and toys.

I think it's time to get a bedside table.

...And maybe a cute lamp to go on top.

I'll need a charming candle
to add some ambiance.

It would be nice to have
a matching bedside table on the other side.

What if I could get a great
head and foot board to go with it.

We'd really need curtains.

But now the desk
wouldn't match the other stuff.

And the Queen Anne legs on the cedar chest
would surely look out of place.

We would need another room
to put those pieces of furniture.

I guess we should buy a bigger house.

...and this is why Steven
doesn't like it when I shop.

But if I did, this is where I'd start.


Steven said...

That looks great. What a wonderful piece of furniture. How do you intend on paying for it? Hmmm...thats what I was thinking too.

Emma said...

Lovely! Good choice. I want one!
All of the furniture in our room (with the exception of the bed) is all second hand. Some free, some garage sale (or from when Aaron was a mover). We don't have a head/footboard, or night stands.We do have a bunch or storage boxes between the wall and our bed that are covered with old curtains. that is what the alarm clock is on. The rest of the stuff goes on top of the dresser!
PS I think everyone had a cold in the last couple of weeks!

Valeri said...

Mindy, you are hilarious!

And I can relate. Our bedroom is also looking quite sparce. But with how few people actually go in there, it's hard to justify spending a lot of money to furnish it when there are so many other places in the house that could use attention and nicer things.

Let me know if you come up with any millionare ideas.

Brian said...

You know what you need instead of all of that crap? To spend some time with your children...


But you don't need that stuff. Steven is all you need.

Audra said...

Mindy, you are wierd. I love ya!

terica said...

HILARIOUS! That is pretty much our room. My mom keeps saying our rooms look eerie. There are only beds in our rooms. I keep telling her if they are that scary to her she is welcome to buy us some furniture. All my stuff that would go in a night stand is just thrown on the floor and picked up quickly in the morning before the under two year olds get up.

Jodie Haney said...

I had to make a trip to IKEA yesterday for just that reason. Can't afford Pottery Barn.

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