Friday, December 14, 2007

Prima Donna

What I meant to say is, Prima Ballerina.

Not really.

You must know by now that Emmy has her moments of stubborn glory. I've mentioned it lots. But when she's going to her dance class she can do just about anything and I let her get away with it.

After every picture I take the kids scream, "I wanna see. Let me see!" I show them the back of the camera so they can see the digital screen. After this picture, Emmy furrowed her brow and said, "my hair looks like a boy's. Take a picture from the side."

So here it is.

Really? Do other 3-year-old's fret over looking like a boy in the most feminine of outfits? She's donning a tutu for crying out loud! I am officially creating a new job title that officially belongs to Emmy. Princess Diva, her ladyship. They've been used separately in the past, but since Emmy's arrival on earth it's time to put them together.


Jodie Haney said...

That's awesome! I knew I liked that girl.
She is impossibly cute, like her Mom!

terica said...

umm, serisouly this girl could not be more cute...I want her.

Ashley said...

What a pretty little ballerina!

Kylene said...

I think she and Hallie would be fast friends. Hallie won't go to bed unless her jammies match.

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