Monday, December 31, 2007

Here's a little bit about our little trip:

  • Day 1: Drive to Mobile all the while greatly angering this man.
  • Day 2: Drive to Orlando, sleep.
  • Day 3: Check out what Disney World and Epcot have to offer.
  • Day 4: Have our lovely Christmas morning. Hang out in the hotel & swim in its pool. DW gets so busy that they STOP letting people in!
  • Day 5: Check out what Sea World has to offer. That night, we drive to Melbourne.
  • Day 6: Take Travis' boat to the Spoil Islands and explore.
  • Day 7: Chill on Sebastian Beach, check out Ron Jon's and Cocoa Beach.
  • Day 8: Go to St. Augustine, FL; the oldest European city in America. That night, we drive to Pensacola.
  • Day 9: See beautiful beaches of Pensacola and drive to "Nawlins, Luzianne" (New Orleans, Louisiana). Have ourselves some delicious gumbo and beignets. Drive to Houston to appease afore mentioned man.
  • Day 10: Drive to home sweet home. Prepare for the new year by watching 1st season of Arrested Development with Ste. Turn in early.

You might get details and pictures later on, but for now I'm weary.

Happy New Year. It's been rather exciting year for us, full of change and blessings. We look forward for what 2008 has to offer.


The Jones Family said...

you came to Melbourne? hmmm, why that's exactly where I live!

sounded like a very very weary trip! LOTS of driving.

Happy New Year!

Kathryn said...

Sounds fun! I need to get some vacationing-with-kids tips from you, because I'm close to swearing off traveling altogether... And that's with just one kid!

Melissa said...

Hi Mindi, this is Melissa Hernandez (McKnight) I was just blog hopping and saw your cute blog and wanted to stop and say hi, you have a beautiful family and it sounds like you are doing great. Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

janet said...

sounds perfect.. all except for the closing of disney. that's crazy.

Audra said...

Are you going to post any pictures? I know you have some.

Vanderbeeks said...

it's been so long since I've been to the beach in Florida. Will you share a few pics so I can remember? relaxing on the beach sounds wonderful!

John said...

Um . . . it is not Christmas. Lets get back to our 5 times a week blogging please!

Mindy said...

I'm coming, I'm coming! Having three children at home is totally throwing me. Two kids is one thing, but three takes all my energy.

...and time.

...and patience.

and food, but mostly energy.

John said...

You took the Mormon oath to have as many children as physically and fiscally possible. At the end of the oath, everyone chants Git 'R' Done! So no more excuses. You have developed and continuous pattern of successive blogging. You have created a website and invited people to read it. You have listed at least 58 individuals on this website with links to their private lives without their permission.

YOU HAVE A FIDUCIARY* DUTY TO BLOG ON A REGULAR BASIS. Lock the kids in the room, throw a couple of waters and crackers in there and then sit down at your computer and provide me with some on-line reading entertainment. Git 'R' Done!**

*fiduciary - "punctillio of honor most high"

** if this comments is too aggressive, do not post. i think I freak some people out!

Audra said...

John totally freaks me out.

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