Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year Resolution

Every year I come up with pointless resolutions that make me feel like I've been living my life even more inadequately than I actually have been. My yearly list usually includes some or all of the points in the following list. Here are my usual resolutions in no particular order:

  • Lose 5 - 15 lbs (based on how I performed over the holidays - this year, it's more like 15)
  • Read B of M (since we're studying it this year in sunday school it might be easier for me - seeing how I only go to sunday school every other month and even then, I have Olivia to "deal with")
  • Throw stuff away (or donate it) - even if "we might use it" someday. I'm wholly afraid of turning into my "prepared" parents.
  • Be a better mom
  • Organize stuff - drawers, time, photos, cleaning schedule, cupboards, hair, family, blog, shoes, family history, loose change, etc etc etc
  • Spend less .... that one only lasts but a few moments.
Which brings me to this year's resolution ... or more appropriately, this year's goal:

I realize we're in a house, but we're renting. I mean OUR house. Something that I own. At least something that the bank owns and I pay them regularly. Steven doesn't think it will happen. I do. I'm giving up all the others. They will only slow me down and make me lose my concentration on the real prize at hand.

Wish me luck.


Kimberlie said...

Buying a house is ours too! I like to simplify. Just go for one big one. However that does mean spend less, might have to be a goal too. Darn it. I wish these houses in the bay area would just fall a little more. How about 100,000 more. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Jessi said...

Audra didn't think she would ever get into a house either, but she made that her focus last year and it happened. Good luck to you!

Audra said...

LOVE being in a home! It is absolutley worth the craziness of trying to get into one! Hope it all comes together perfectly for you.

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