Thursday, January 31, 2008

Purely Supportive

My local girl scout stopped by my house last Saturday.

I was ... well ... ecstatic.

I will rue the day when that door to door 8-year old accepts a major credit card.


Lori said...

I always wish they would stop by my house and they never do. I would totally buy some from them! Maybe this year I will see someone walking around selling them!

Amy Johnson said...

Sadly I don't think the day is too far off when they will accept credit cards! :) I can't believe you don't remember the "fleece vests" incident! You called around to all the different stores asking for fleece vests with your famous cable guy lisp! Oh so funny! Speaking of Bridget....I saw her the other day! Of course I didn't want to chat....she basically looks exactly the same!!

Jodie Haney said...

I over did it, too. I love that they come knocking right after I make that New Year's vow to be healthy. It's sabotage!

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