Friday, January 11, 2008

Disney/Epcot/Seaworld Pics

Days 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 - What is there to say about Disney World and Epcot Center on Christmas Eve?

Insanely busy.
Waiting (oh-so-patiently) to get on the ferry.

I loved the Christmas decorations!
Later that night they had fake snow going through Main Street.
It made it actually feel like Christmas.

Bradley wanted a picture next to his favorite ride: Splash Mountain.

...Until he rode Atlantis at Sea World a few days later. Then choosing his favorite ride became a frustrating toss up.

Emmy quickly became very interested in the Captain Jack Sparrow. He even asked her to help him with his little show and she thought he was talking to someone else and she sat down thoroughly disappointed. Aw, young love.
She quickly forgot about ol' Jack when the parade chock full of princesses strode by. It was hard enough to hold her on my shoulders, but she was waving frantically at each and every character.

And, here we go, everybody, say,
"ooooooooh ..... aaaaaaawwww."

We won't forget Epcot,
though we only spent about an hour and a half there.
Shocker this one didn't make it into the Christmas card this year.

Day 4:
We spent most of our days tearing at wrapping paper, lounging by the pool, playing with new toys and eating our stocking candy ... but we also checked out Universal Studios.
And we had Christmas dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Orlando. Has anyone else done this? Are you willing to admit that sort of pathetic-ness? Just kidding, it was totally fun and delicious. Here we are in front of it.

Day 5:
And Sea World
Their faces before ...
... and after.
The ladies waiting for the big boys to ride their big-boy rides.


Kiesha said...

My daughter (3 1/2) saw your pics and would now like to join your family because "they get to see the princesses". Some days I wouldn't mind sending her but for the most part I'd miss her too much. :)

John said...

i love 'liver's eyes!

Korrin said...

What a fun vacation. I'm jealous.

Audra said...

So fun. Do your kids think you are the coolest parents ever? They should.

Jodie Haney said...

Did you meet friends or family there or was it just you guys? Looks awesome!

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