Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm stumped, at the current moment, on what to blog about. I can't be sure if it's because I've been stuck inside with this cold, wet weather listening to Emmy watch Barbie's Rapunzel on a daily basis, or if it's because I actually catch myself watching it.

I know what you're thinking: How in the world can you be bored? You have three kids for cryin' out loud ... and one of them is still an infant!

But it's not that I'm bored or that nothing is going on in my life. I just don't know if you want to hear about me blogging about kids' school, laundry, beginning of year clean-up, drawer reorganization..... or worse, my confusion on what I should blog about.

Any suggestions?

Any issues you have that you need me to explore?

I'm dying for something!


Lori said...

I only wished I was caught up in everything I wanted to blog like you are. I start blogs and never finish them and then by the time I get back to them they are so outdated. I need to be more on top of it like you! I don't really have any ideas for you, Sorry :( But I enjoy reading whatever you have to say.

Kathryn said...

Same problem here. So I sort of ignore the blog...

Melissa said...

I have one-- how about e-mailed Christmas cards?

MIL said...

Up-to-date movie recommendations.
Out-of-date DVD recommendations.
Exercise programs that inspire!
How to paint a room.
Keeping up on a journal that isn't a blog.
Super Bowl Sunday activities.
Best memories as a child.
Best memories of our parents.

love ya......

Mindy said...

Love the ideas, MIL. I'll get crackin'.

And Melissa, I like the idea of discussing emailed christmas cards. I have mixed feelings.

Hmmm, I might just go there.

Jodie Haney said...

I feel ya. I am just doing to many other things to blog right about now.

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