Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hot Days Finally Gone?

The weather is finally coming around. As of this morning at about 7:30, a cold front moved in and right now it's a most lovely 68 degrees. As much as I love it, I still don't have amnesia from the rest of this wretched week. Monday and Wednesday were dreadfully humid (raising the heat index by 10 degrees) and in between the humidity, several cells passed us by dumping inch after inch of rain on us. Here are some pictures Audra took of my kids earlier last month. The photo shoot was miserabley hot and the last few days had reminded me of that morning. It left us all worn out, sweaty and ready to go home to re-bathe. Somehow she managed to hide it. These pictures will be a reminder of hotter days. Hopefully they'll be gone for the most part -- at least until early spring.

My little princess and the most charming little man will always pull of the "adorable" look amidst any weather. Yes, I'm sure I'm biased...but what are mothers for?

As for Last night's season finale of Project Runway.....Jeffrey? Can we have a recount? I will say he is definitely the most fashion forward of the group, but come on!

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Natalie* said...

isn't today BEAUTIFUL?!?! The photos are so well done - and Jeffery - "whatever" is all I have to say. shall we count down to next season?

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