Thursday, October 26, 2006

Life Goes On

I've been thinking about what to write, but everything seemed so trivial after learning about a friend's death Sunday evening. It's difficult to put things in perspective when the ONLY thing that seems important after news like that is being with loved ones and making sure that every moment counts. But, like everything else, it passes and we somehow continue on.
Steven's a man on a mission to find a job. I was a little worried for a while when he was stalling to send out resumes to anyone. I realized that it may be a bit early when he still had months to go before he was hireable. That time has passed and so has the laid-back ways of Steven. All day, every day, it seems he's emailing recruiters and hospitals all over the place seeking out that perfect job that will pay him great, have excellent benefits and wonderful hours.....oh, and in a place we can afford a house. Really, is that so much to ask? Ironically, all those things are in a number of jobs right here, but we're both ready to get out of this sauna. It's just too humid and hot outside. It's October for goodness sake!

Speaking of job opportunities, Audra has gone and left me. I'm sure she's happy as can be in her new situation, but I'm depressed and can't believe she didn't invite me to come with her. It's a good thing I have her blog to rely on. I wish them the best and will miss her terribly. I am a better woman for knowing her. Your new neighbors have no idea how good they have it. Love you, Audra.


Natalie* said...

so sorry you lost your good friend - can't we all just get jobs and live by each other forever? CO is the coolest, just so you know, so I hope Steve is pushing for a rocky mountain high. anyway, high time for another girls' movie night - Melissa and I talked earlier today - Bride & Prejudice is the next movie of choice when ever everyone is game.

Melissa said...

Yes, I agree with Natalie: make things easy--let's all just move to CO!

Jessi said...

Thanks for taking such good care of my sister while she was there! I know your friendship meant a lot to her. And of course you are welcome to COME VISIT! The drive isn't too bad (so I hear) and we'll both show you a great time when you come.

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