Friday, October 20, 2006

Remember Moms

My mother turned 55 yesterday. I'm sure she appreciates me announcing that to the world, but I think she looks fabulous and your age should be celebrated (though, I'm slow to admit mine for the exact opposite reason!). She gave me a great childhood full of joy and love and I'm so grateful for all the things she taught me. I hope I can offer my children the same experiences and life skills. I have been reminiscing since I spoke with her yesterday. Here are some of my favorite things I remember:
∑ Coming home to fresh, hot scones on rainy days.
∑ Letting me make my own mistakes as she taught me to sew.
∑ Feeling loved and important.
∑ Letting me take countless hours of dance and piano lessons when money wasn't always easy to come by.
∑ Always feeling safe and secure in our home.
∑ Allowing me to talk her into taking a free puppy home (yes, we still have the dog.)
∑ Teaching me values and morals.
∑ Showing me how to wear make-up -- and letting me make mistakes with that!
∑ Not letting me date until I was 16.
∑ Never reciting a cliché correctly.
There comes a point in your life when you realize that your parents aren't perfect. For some it happens too early that they lose sight of the great memories their parents afforded them. My mom and I live several hundred miles apart now, which may be the reason our relationship is still so good. But I miss her terribly sometimes. It's like pulling teeth to get that woman to travel. My feelings are sometimes hurt because of her unwillingness, but then I call her and we talk just like we're next-door neighbors and I feel better about the situation. I'll be forever grateful for her example and friendship. Families are forever and I'm grateful for that knowledge. This is but a moment in the span of eternity.


Jessi said...

Aren't moms great?!!! Your post reminds me that it is so important to do those extra little things (along with the really big important things) with our kids. I'd like to get her scone recipe!

Audra said...

I love these entries. This is what life is all about!

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