Friday, October 13, 2006

Quilt Guilt

I'm an admitted scrapaholic, but I tend to have a hard time cropping for myself. I find it much more fulfilling if I'm doing it for someone else. I know it sounds crazy. Maybe once my children appreciate it, I'll be more likely to keep up with their many accruing pics. Until then, I've found a new substitute by piecing fabric rather than piecing paper.

Here's one I made for Emmy. Up close in person you can see the actual "quilting" done on it. It's full of butterflies, hearts, flowers, and dragonflies. I love it! And obviously super-proud of it. The other one is from a quilt club here locally. Everyone brings a 12" block and someone walks home with them all. I won this one, and put it together. Even though I live in a sauna, I can never have enough blankets around the house for watching movies, TV, or reading.

Right now I'm working on two more. One is a baby's flannel/ragged quilt and the other is more traditional, like the blue one. I'm terrible at beginning projects and never finishing no pics allowed until completion. But until then, now you know what I'm doing with my extra free time.....what's that?


Natalie* said...

very cool - with your quoted stats on the chances of me walking away with one of my own, I've kinda tempted to join up - CO would require a lot more blankets than here.

Audra said...

How beautiful! My mom is a master quilter and I feel guilty that I haven't picked that skill up, but hey, with her ready to make whatever I want, I guess I don't need to! Oh, and I was thinking that you are like that lady that can do EVERYTHING! You just wouldn't admit it to everyone!

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