Saturday, January 20, 2007

5 Months

I'm officially five months. Before you decide to post a comment to this picture, allow me to answer some of your burning questions.

  1. Yes, I counted right. Five months (only) to the day.
  2. No, there's only one in there - though multiples run rampant in my family.
  3. I'm only 2 lbs heavier than what the books tell me I should be. I just get HUGE and have pretty big babies.
  4. No, I'm not insane to post this so the world can see. Just those loved ones who live far away should be privy to such pics - this is just the easiest way.
  5. Some things should be documented. I'm still not sure if this was one of them.
If your wondering if I've ever taken "just belly" pics. It's just not my style. Besides the fact that my stomach now has stretch marks that look more like a road map of CA (or like someone has stretched seer-sucker material accross my tummy), I'm just not comfortable showing the world my stomach. So, that may answer your 6th question. This is as much as you're getting.

Oh, #7, I'm getting my roots done tonight, don't worry.


Terica said...

Oh my gosh look amazing! So darn cute! I lo-ove your hair! I would post that pic if I looked like that at 5 months. I looked like that when I took the pregnancy test this last time.

tara said...

Mindy you look really good... and you looked fabulous after you had Emmy... but it's all about how you feel, so I can totally relate... hence the reason I have not posed for nary a photo (well a couple, but no deliberate side shots). The family pic at thanksgiving wasn't too bad, but whoever took the one at Christmas got me at a really bad angle... and that did it!

Natalie* said...

hey woman - you look awesome; as in, "oh that I could look that good when I was 5 months pregnant" kind of awesome. Thought I would ask an unanswered question - Are y'all finding out or not?

Mindles said...

No, we are NOT finding out the gender. I'm being strong!

Melissa said...

Mindy, you look so cute! No worries... You're gorgeous.

Lori said...

I am so happy for you! I also think you look cute like everyone else does! There is nothing quite like a pregnant mother. I know I didn't feel cute when I was getting big either but everyone else seems to think you do! So I agree and think you look cute!

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