Saturday, January 13, 2007

Separation Anxiety

A small town in Oregon is flying Steven and I out for up to five days to check out the city. We're not going to take all five, we've decided three will be enough for us to make a decision and, if necessary, find a place to live. My good friend, Julie, lives in the same city. It will be nice to see her especially since she'll be having her baby sometime between now and then. Even if we don't like the situation, Steven keeps saying, "it's a free vacation!"
I'm a little worried (as always) about leaving my kids with someone for that long. The really sad reality about it is, the kids will be just fine (more spoiled than necessary), our best friends who are sitting them will be great (they love our kids and our kids love them), but I will be a wreck the whole time. To top it all off, Bradley's taking his vanguard test the weekend we'll be gone. GUILT is wreaking havoc on me. I know it's important for Steven and I to have time for just our relationship, but why is it so hard?


michaelaudra said...

It's so hard because you're such a good mom who loves her kids tremendously!

Angela said...

I bet (and hope) that as soon as you arrive at your destination, you'll stop worrying about your kids, and start enjoying your trip... in fact you might not even be ready to come home at the end of your three days. Or you'll come home, see that they're so fine, and wish you could back and have more vacation! Either way, I hope things go well there, and tell our mutual friend hi!

Steven said...

Hey, you work so hard, you deserve to spend "alone time" with a hunk like that.

momhom said...

We reiterate our hope that you will LOVE Medford because it is soooo close to the (V)ville. I agree with Steven that you will have a great time with the hunk!!
Love you guys and want you close

Anonymous said...

I think that the "alone time" is what put you in this predicament in the first place. Last alone time resulted in a 50% chance of W* K* ['s] . . . you know. I am not sure about "steven said['s]" post, but at least maybe you will be able to find a real hunk while you are out there.
Think of it like this. How would your kids know they have it so good with you if you didn't allow them the opportunity to spend time with, shall we say, unworthy ones?
And don't worry, I am sure whoever is staying with the little test taker will not suggest funny ways to answer important questions resulting in a bad test grade. :)

Melissa said...

I know how you feel-- I left Hailey for six days while I went with Dave back East for some interviews. It's tough! I was glad for the alone time of course, but so happy to see her again. For me, it's funny that somedays I can't wait to be without her, and then once I am I wonder what she's up to! Motherhood has forever changed me!

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