Monday, January 08, 2007

Maternity Wear

I received a HUGE box of maternity clothes from my sister, Kristen last Friday. I'm in heaven. Not only can I breathe again, but she has flawless taste; so I actually feel cute again! It's a pet peeve of mine to buy something I'm only going to wear for 5 or 6 months, so this has been a VERY welcome package.

I called her to tell her thank you and she explained to me she couldn't fit it all in. "THERE'S MORE?" She said she was holding the rest ransome until I visit her in UT. Love you!

Since I got two new handbags for Christmas and I have a whole new wardrobe, I think it's time to go shoe shopping. Anybody?


Leslie said...

me me me! i'll go! i have two coupons for DSW that are burning a hole in my purse. :)

Natalie* said...

seriously -handbags, jewlery and shoes are such productive things to buy when pregnant - not only do they add flare to maternity wear, but they outlast it and can be enjoyed afterwards, too - right on!

Anonymous said...

Yes, shoe shopping sounds great! When should we go?

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