Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cravings & Such

Cravings are a given with any woman (at least the ones I know) and just multiplied when she's pregnant. Due to the holiday season , graduation, Thanksgiving and Christmas all came within a month of eachother which means lots of free and somewhat unhealthy meals, desserts, etc were offered to me within one month of eachother. Becuase of my lack of self control, I'm 5 lbs heavier than I planned to be at this point during my pregnancy. It doesn't help that I'm one of those women who gets HUGE when she's pregnant...we're talking can't-fit-into-maternity-clothes-by-month-9 huge. Oh well, what to do.
Here's what I've been craving lately:

  • Blue Cheese - or any cheese; the smellier the better. Right, Dominique?
  • Chocolate - uh, duh. Dark or light you may ask? YES.
  • Hard Candies - I've tried to be good and get the sugar free kind.
  • Ice cold drinks - or if I have to, shakes...I'm not one to be picky.
  • A Pedicure - I know it's not food, but, oh, how it sounds good.


Natalie* said...

I tried once to explain to Jay what it is like to be pregnant and have cravings - it's like drug adicts - the thought of getting your particular food is so intense, that you mind is consumed with how and what you need to do to get it - when I was pregnant with Chelsea, it was TAco Bell soft tacos - we were in Puerto Rico and when it would hit, there was nothing I could do - as a result, we know where every Taco Bell on that island is!

Terica said...

Sign me up for the pedi. I think at any given moment I could have a pedi and it would make the worst day seem like heaven!

Melissa said...

How fun to have "new" maternity clothes! But blue cheese? I don't know about that one... :)

Tara said...

I think it's definitely a pregnant woman's right to get great pedicures...let's go together! (But no way, I am NOT pregnant! You'll just need some company)

Megan said...

Now I'M craving a pedicure! And, no, I'm NOT pregnant.

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