Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Break

A break was finally given to me when a student came to the office to do her externship. Phew! I've given her lots of the busy work (like verifying insurance), so now I can do my job of recredentialing for providers and putting out other small fires for the doctors office. Most importantly, I don't get home quite so exhausted and I now have time to blog! I was going crazy at work. My to-do box was piling higher and higher while my done box was looking very meager.

This job/move thing is really starting to get to us. Steven finally admitted that he's feeling anxiety about the whole situation. If you don't know Steven, he's the kind of guy that NEVER feels real stress. I feel so bad for him. I can' t imagine the pressure he feels right now.
I know we'll end up in the place that "we're meant to be". I know it sounds so cliche, but I know that place is out there and our family will be happy wherever it is. I just wish it would show itself to us sooner rather than later. I have a baby coming for crying out loud!


Emma said...

I'm glad you are getting a little break at work! I meant to ask you how Bradley's Vanguard test went. David didn't tell me anything so I have no idea!

Lori said...

Things will work out for your family. The Lord works in his own time, just keep the faith and know we are thinking of you! Happy Valentines Day~

Jodie Haney said...

We have been there, and it stinks! I hope you gain some peace around it SOON.
Even under stress, Steven was the life of the pre-school party today!!!

Natalie* said...

y'all have been on my thoughts a lot - answers to prayers will come - hugs to you!

Tara said...

Oh, I hope things figure itself out soon! It's so hard not knowing...drives you crazy!!! Good luck at work too. It's nice that you have that during this time, even if it is hard.

Audra said...

Ahhh! I am so sorry you guys! Being patient is so dang hard and stressful! But you are right, it will come together eventually and you will be where you "are meant to be." Cliche or not, I totally believe in it.

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