Monday, February 05, 2007

The Resting Weary

Emmy, like Bradley and most other children, has this capability to sleep anywhere. These past 3-4 days, she's been sleeping 9 hours a night and taking 4 or 5 hour naps during the day. Can you say 'growth spurt'?

Here's an illustration from last fall.


Tara said...

That is one of the cutest pictures I've ever should win a contest or something!

Emma said...

That is so funny! Definitely a great one to document!

Melissa said...

How funny! I wish I could sleep that deeply. So cute.

Lori said...

That is so funny and adorable!!! I love it, I don't know why but I love taking pictures of my kids sleeping! They have an amazing way of sleeping anywhere if they are tired. I once heard a mother say they loved watching their children sleep because when we sleep all the worries go away.

Jodie Haney said...

that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! my kids only fall asleep in thier beds...count your blessings.

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