Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet Success

It's ironic how my last entrance said I had all this time, but I haven't made any entrances for nearly a week. We've been busy traveling again for various interviews...all in Texas, if you're wondering.
Steven is my (and all my girlfriend's) new hero. Emmy's stubbornness only shined through when I got home last Saturday from our day away. She decided to have an accident. And two days ago when our baby-sitter got to our house so we could leave for an overnight trip. Emmy walked into her room and did it then, too. Besides that, we've had total success. She did both (if you know what I mean) on the first day. This is quite a change for us. Bradley took months (I'm talking almost a year) to have the "courage" to do the deuce on the potty.
We knew she was potty-trained when we put a diaper on her for bed-time and after about an hour of tossing and turning, she came out to watch TV with me. After a few minutes she looked at me and said, "potty?" I didn't have to prompt her or ask her and she had a perfect reason not to - the diaper was already on. YEE-HAW!
This picture captures Emmy's diva-esque triumph. I would have posted an un-cropped photo, but it was just a little on the weird side.
Steven IS for hire. You just probably can't afford him - even if it did only take him 5 hours (what is up with that?). Thank You is sooooo inadequate right now.


Natalie* said...

congrats to you all - feels so good, I can imagine!

tara said...

Okay... I'll be calling for directions in about 6 months (sooner would be nice... but I'm not holding my breath!)ONE in diapers would be really nice instead of two.
And she is OH SO cute!

Jodie Haney said...

That is amazing! Steven rocks...keep him around for the next one.
Emmy is one smart little girl, like her Mommy.

Brian said...

Congrats to our little Potty Girl! And...what are you doing posting at 4 in the morning?

Emma said...

Congrats on the potty training! She did great while she was here! Timothy is mildly interested, we'll see if anything comes of it.

Terica said...

Tell Steven that I would like to hire him in about a year, three two year olds-ish should be easy for him, right? And since you guys will live in St. Louis I will not have to fly him out!
This is a joke they are not moving to St. Louis, at this I don't think they are!

Angela said...

That's awesome! Congrats... I can't believe she mastered it in one day!

Audra said...

Wow, that is awesome. Can I fly Tanner out and have you finish our potty training process? He is like Bradley. He is potty trained for number 1. He will NOT go number 2 where he is suppose to. Even bribing him with candy doesn't work. And if that doesn't, I don't know what would!

Melissa said...

Hooray! What a team.

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