Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Moving Decisions

I "slept in" until 4:40 this morning. That's pretty good, right? The thoughts of living in a house finally are making me restless. I'm giddy. I wake up and can't stop thinking about stuff like:

  • one or two story (one! I'm currently not handling my four flights - once or twice a day - very well)
  • schools (Emma, I need that website link you use to check out schools)
  • movers (can't they pay us the difference between the moving bids and what we could do it for? we could do it for under $300 and bids are coming in at $1750!)
  • quitting (I'm sooooo ready to be done yesterday)
  • explaining the bad side to Bradley (not so giddy - he's going to be sad to leave his school/friends)
  • rent or buy (I can't imagine buying)
  • what to do to thank everyone who's been so great to us (any suggestions - you're probably on the list ; )
I've been bothering the people I know who work(ed) in the public school system for a long time. I'm loving their advice. They are mentioning things to me that I would never have considered or thought of. Hopefully the research will pay off. As for house hunting: we'll try and check it out this weekend - so if you have advice - freely give it!


Leslie said...

my advice: we LOVE our one story house. we looked at a bunch of two stories, and after living in 8-900 square feet for several years, i just couldn't stand to be a whole stairwell and then some away from my babies.
good luck with everything!

Emma said...

The website is I'm sure there are others out there. But that's the one I used.

Jodie Haney said...

Alex is pretty sad. He came home today, and told me the "bad news." I reminded him that we had to move when his Daddy graduated, too. Then, he asked if he could go with Bradley. Sweet, huh?

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