Sunday, March 04, 2007

Birthday Boy Guilt

Bradley's 5th birthday was yesterday. It wasn't bad enough that by Wednesday he was still giving me his invitation list to his "Harry Potter Party", but we also told him that his last day of school was going to be Friday, the 2nd - devastation wreaked havoc on him.
As the guilt began to really take toll on me, I was finding myself buying EVERYTHING on that boy's list. I had to remain under control. Instead, I tweaked our own plans to make him feel like everything we were doing that weekend was for him.
Friday we picked him up from school and drove straight to our new destination to look for a place to live. We told him that for his birthday, we were going to stay in a hotel and going to find our family a new house and we really needed his help with the decision. I didn't pack all his presents thinking we'd get home in time, but we didn't make it back until after 11 pm last night. He did help with the decisions:

  • we ended up getting his house with stairs.....I don't know about this
  • he chose every restaurant we ate at.....I can't look at another french fry
  • we went bowling after we filled out our applications.....watching a pregnant woman bowl has to be pretty comical
Yet we drove those two kids around for hours! Late last night, he did get to "open" his big present. He finally got a new bike. That kid has lived in an apartment his whole life (more guilt) and I couldn't wait to get him a toy that required a sidewalk or yard or something we have avoided because we didn't have a house.
Today - again, out of guilt - we're going to re-celebrate with cake and ice cream, more gifts to be unwrapped, and he and daddy get to be men and assemble his new toy - that he can't truly use for another two weeks - will the guilt ever go away??? I think so, he has his sweet, new, red bike - just what he asked for.

Okay, okay, here's some pics of the new pad. We're very, very, very excited about it. But I'm going to continue to act obtuse and nonchalant like it isn't a big deal. Here's a picture of the backyard.
And just across the street is the community pool. Yes, this will come in handy for a pregnant gal in the summer time- which lasts 6-9 months in Texas.
Mabybe that will tempt someone for a visit? Perhaps.


Natalie* said...

we are soooo happy for you guys - that house looks so awesome - you guys deserve it!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Bradley! So you have a house! Fabulous! Are you renting? or buying? It looks great. I am excited for you! Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

I want to see MORE pictures, and they need to be BIGGER...and I'm quite sure we'll be visiting you this summer. :)

Megan said...

Lovely house with a FANTASTIC back yard! I'm so excited for you (and so jealous)!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday Bradley and I am soooo jealous of the cute house! Oh how I crave a yard and space and a garage... I could go on. So happy for you guys and good luck this week with all the moving. You be careful Mindy!

Lori said...

So are you buying the house? It looks like a great home and a great neighborhood! We are still so happy for you guys! And Happy birthday Bradley, your present is going in the mail tomorrow! I am a little behind.

Terica said...

Inside pics? Rent or own?

Jodie Haney said...

YIPPY...happy, happy, happy!

Fluffy said...

We can hardly wait to visit your new "bed and breakfast." We are so excited for you and know your family has sacrificed and waited patiently for this new part of your lives. Bradley, happy 5th birthday. That bike is "hecka" sporty. We'll be excited to see you ride. Much love, Grandma Mick

Audra said...

Oh my goodness, how nice is that! Yes, trying not to be jealous. Why are we soooo slow at this home buying process????? I am still waiting for the details. You do have my email address, right? We are seriously happy for you!

And about the guilt trip thing about Bradley - just think of all the kids in this world! Bradley is one of the luckiest. Come on, he has Mindy and Steven as parents.

tara said...

Such a cute house! In a really fun city! So... I wonder how close you are to my SIL? And Happy Birthday Bradley!

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