Friday, March 23, 2007

Role Reversal? Nah.

Let me paint a picture.

Steven is thoroughly excited about our newly acquired yard work and has been outside every night until dark doing various things. The only thing is that it's been rainy here and his only work gloves are leather and he's been slow to want to get them wet. I told him to feel free to use mine, as they are cotton.......but they are pink.

Two nights ago, while he was out weeding, I thought I should start on dinner. I decided to grill up some hamburgers. So I was in the backyard on our porch grilling away in Steven's grilling apron. Our house in on a slight hill so you could see me on our back porch from the sidewalk/road.

A couple happened to be walking by that evening while I was in the backyard grilling in my husband's apron and Steven was in the front yard pulling weeds donning my pink gardening gloves. I can only imagine what was going through their heads.

Has my working and him being a stay-at-home dad really changed us that much? I guess you could say we aren't your typical couple from the 1950's.


John said...

That's funny because I always thought that if Steven was standing in the glove isle at any hardware store, that he would choose the pink gloves because, how do I say this, he is so "pretty." Does that make sense?
Maybe he is more o.k. with it now that you are closer to A*.

tara said...

That is David and I too... he cooks a lot around here, and I plant the flowers. He does mow the lawn though... I did enough of that as a kid... and besides he won't let me (o: he's so nice(o;

Jodie Haney said...

that is LOL funny!

Lori said...

That is great! Wish you had a picture of that! Pregnant woman in man's apron and man in pink gloves! Makes me LOL!

Anonymous said...

John's comment about Steven being "pretty" makes me smile. I'm so happy to know Steven's gentle side has come out. However, Steven was pretty darn cute when he and Brad were bulking up on protein and didn't have necks................... We love Steven as a husband and father! Mom

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