Monday, March 26, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

Today it's raining. We've been stuck inside all day long. The kids have been watching cartoons, snacking, and playing random games with each other while I've finished the organization of our house (sometimes it's a pain to figure out where you want everything to go!). The rain in R* isn't like the rain in H*. Even though we're under a flood watch, I giggle at the thought of this kind of water being any sort of threat. When you have lived in a place where "torrential rain" and "monsoon season" actually mean something, I will never underestimate driving around in REAL rain.
PS I've been walking around all day singing Winnie the Pooh's: Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down. Ha! Now it's in your head, too.


Lori said...

I don't think it really ever rains here in U* anymore either since I lived in H*. Nothing like those storms down there!

Melissa said...

I love Texas rain!

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