Monday, June 11, 2007

Combining the Good Stuff

Sorry about the hiatus - I'm back.

But before I can truly blog, I'm going to send you away. While I get my life in order (I really hate being without all my great help - more on that later), I thought I'd promote some things I love.

Becky Higgins is famous in the world of scrapbooking (love it). My cousin is also a scrapbooker (love it more) and a very good one at that (Laura's link is on the right side of this page). While I'll always boast that my sister, Kristen, remains to be the best scrapbooker (really she is and I'm not biased), Laura is by far the best digital scrapbooker ever! Recently she was highlighted in Becky Higgins' blog.

This is great because this blog entry highlights all these great things I love:

My CIL, Laura
Becky Higgins
Family History

So, enjoy. Catch the bug. Let me know where it takes you.

PS Does anyone else think Becky Higgins looks frighteningly similar to Natalie?


John said...

I don't think Becky Higgins or Natalie look frightening. I think they are both attractive ladies. Why do you think they look frightening?

Audra said...

I have always thought that about Becky and Natalie!

Yay for scrapbooking! Hmmmmm. I should get going again on some pages. It has been a while.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the info on Laura and her digital scrapbooking.... Someday I may even try it since I have the cutest pictures ever! :>) Ruth

Vanderbeeks said...

So I go to your blog today to see how you and your baby are doing and guess what, there's info about me?! See the thing is that I emailed the Becky Higgins blog thing to Sharla, my mother in law, and she emailed it to Ruth, Sharla's sister in law, and she emails it to you. The whole thing sorta cracked me up once I put all the pieces together. It was good to see Ruth and so many of her wonderful children at Gavin's wedding this last weekend. Your whole family has such a great spirit about you. We missed you! I certainly hope that things are improving by the moment, if anything the capacity to deal with it all. You are in our prayers. I'm sending you a page I think you need to read. take care!

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