Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mindy Needs

I got this from Audra. I'm not sure if I like adding to my already lengthy "need" list. But it was interesting nonetheless. You're supposed to google: mindy [insert your own name] needs.

1. Mindy needs a home.
Um, ya. I guess I'm renting one. That's good enough for me right now.

2. Mindy needs to find support.
Nah, I've got lots o' support. But I won't deny anyone from giving me more.

3. Mindy needs to be able to really drive.
I'm a great driver...but I'd rather be driving a bigger vehicle. 3 carseats in a sedan is for some other insane person - not me. Maybe that "support" in #2 could be financial support. Ya, I could always use some more of that.

4. Mindy needs money.
Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Mindy I kooked mine up and the search brought up that I needed to keep my clothes on and than get a nose job (due to my cocaine use). It was good for a laugh. Thanks, Tara S. Austin

Mindy said...

Goodness, it sounds like you need the support. JK

John said...

Mindy needs to blog.

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